Our Design Approach

Design Philosophy

Our motto is “Unique Designs for Special Sites”.

We assist:

  • our residential clientele create the lifestyle they desire,
  • our business clientele achieve operational efficiency
  • our development clientele with smooth successful development.

Bauhinia Architects learnt long ago architecture is not so much about buildings, rather what goes on within and around them.

Architecture to us is akin to being a stage set designer, where the play is life itself.

Our job is to create an environment which encourages the things we wish to do in life, at work and at play, and discourage the things which disrupt and annoy us.

Design and Approach

Bauhinia provides a range of architectural and building related services, the core service being design.

The practice has developed a thorough and methodical step by step design process. This design PROCESS puts the onus on us to ask the questions and to explore the options. This process ensures nothing is overlooked and all opportunities are realised.

Our scope of services are flexible and tailored to our client’s preferences and level of involvement.

Bauhinia Architects offer a free, no obligation first meeting, discussion or email correspondence where we discuss our design process in detail, how we go about it, your options and approximately how much it will cost.

Following this discussion we will have a good idea of the nature of your project and the level of service you require. We then forward you a Service Proposal which sets out our scope of services, how we go about it and how much it will cost. You are then in a position to decide whether you wish to engage our services.

Our commitment to sound Quality Practices has been recognized by Queensland Purchasing issuing us with a Certificate of Quality Assured Supplier Status to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Systems – Model for Quality Assurance in Design/Development, Production, Installation & Servicing. Our Certificate No. is 3399. Queensland Purchasing Assessment Report reads:

“This is obviously a proactive and forward looking Practice that is prepared to move with the times, benchmark their current status and make improvements to become more competitive in their field.” “Bauhinia Architects Pty Ltd are to be congratulated on their efforts in achieving such a high degree of compliance between the Standard, their Procedures and Practices.”