Planning & Building Approvals

Bauhinia Architects can advise on the requirements and issues to be considered in the gaining of required planning, building and other related approvals.


Bauhinia Architects have a long history of providing advice surrounding:

  • Planning scheme compliance and issues to be considered
  • Potential in gaining approval
  • Preparing and lodging applications
  • Managing the planning process following lodging an application

On large projects or projects with particular issues we recommend the services of a specialist town planner.

Building Approvals

Building approvals are often regarded as generally straight forward. This is generally the case for straight forward build projects.

To achieve a client’s objective, particularly on challenging sites, or where a unique design solution is proposed, alternative solutions may need to be considered. These alternative solutions need to be accompanied by sound justification to be accepted.

Bauhinia Architects have considerable experience in gaining approvals which include alternative solutions e.g. single fire escapes, reduced set backs, building over sewers and other such building code issues.

Contact us for a no obligation meeting/discussion to enquire on how we may be able to assist with your project.