Project & Design Management

Bauhinia Architects are professional project and design managers for buildings.

Project Management

The practice has provided project management services to a range of commercial and government clientele throughout regional Queensland.

These services allow our clientele a ‘hands off’ approach, particularly when they are located remote from the project. Our responsibility is to look after our client’s interests in all matters regarding the project eg:

  • Design management
  • Approvals
  • Compliance
  • Contracts
  • Selecting contractors
  • Construction
  • Inspections
  • Hand over and occupation

Design Management

Many clientele have the resources and experience to project manage.

Bauhinia Architects offer a design management service to compliment our role as architect and the principal building designer.

Design management is generally the management and coordination of the design consultancy team. Our services include:

  • Advice on requirement and benefit of specialist consultants eg town planners, surveyors, structural/civil engineers, building services engineers, specialist ‘industry’ consultants etc
  • Coordination of the design process and the building design consultancy team
  • Review of design team’s documentation
  • Management of required design approvals

Obtaining the right level of advice and getting the right people on your project is one of the most important aspects to a smooth successful project.

Bauhinia Architects have a long history of providing project and design management services. We can ensure you get the right people and in turn, the right advice.

Contact us for a no obligation meeting/discussion to enquire on how we may be able to assist with your project.